A Decadent London Supper Club

Eating out in LondonĀ  is expensive and London Super Clubs have become popular. A Supper Club is a group of people who get together and share the expenses of a meal. Normally one person still prepares the meal, but the expense of the food and cooking the meal is shared by all who eat the meal. It is a great way to get together for the fraction of a night out in London, and even some of the girls from London escorts have jumped on the band wagon.


I love cooking says Suzi from https://charlotteaction.org, so I decided that I would start my own London escorts Supper Club here in Greenwich in London. Not only are my colleagues from the escort agency in London invited, but often we invite the gents who enjoy dating us as well. I love it. It gives me a chance to express my love of cooking, and I call it the Decadent London Supper Club.


London escorts do keep me very busy, but at the same time, I love to have time off and go to cooking classes. I have lost count of how many cooking courses I have done over the last two years, but I love it. Fortunately I have plenty of space in my flat, and normally we end up being around 8 to 12 people around the table. I buy all of the wine and all the food as well. After the party, we all share the bill so I am never out of pocket. Food is not cheap these days.


More than anything I enjoy the company of my friends from London escorts, and the gents who date us. But at the same time, I like to show off what I can do with food. Most of the people who attend my Supper Club here in Greenwich live from takeaway to takeaway. I love to show them what they can do with rather ingredients. You can create some amazing dishes by using ordinary every day ingredients, and most of the food which I serve up, comes from Tesco. When you see it presented, that often surprised my diners.



How often do we meet up? We started by meeting up once a month, but now we meet up once a fortnight. That means that I have two very busy Saturdays every month. When I finish my London escorts shift, I hit the supermarket right away, and see what I can find. I normally have a rough idea of what I like to cook, and I have made a note of everyone’s preferences when it comes to food. If someone does not like meat, I make sure that there is both a vegetarian and fish dish. When you really enjoy the food, you can also take it home, and it is surprising how many of my diners like to take something home. I make up doggie bags for almost all of my diners, and I know that they are going to come back for more.



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