Are London Escorts part of the Gig Economy

There is a lot of talk about the gig economy in London these days. It is not only London which is affected by the gig economy but it seems that it is a new global trend sweeping our society. Many of us are not any longer working on fixed contracts and we have to look after ourselves. It is not that easy, and many of the girls at London escorts think that they are part of the gig economy in London.

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Most of the time when you hear people talking about the gig economy, you think about Uber drivers or pizza deliveries. But the truth is that the gig economy in London is far more wide spread. There are thousands of people working at home doing jobs on the Internet. They are very much part of the London gig economy as well. Like one of the girls from London escorts pointed out to me. Many cyber space workers such as chat girls on line are part of the gig economy.

But is the gig economy something new? The concept of being self employed has been around for a very long time. Most of London back cab drivers are self employed. Unless they get a fare, or a gig, they can’t really say that they are working. The same goes for London escorts. If the girls don’t get any dates, they are not going to earn any money. Is not all the same thing as being self employed but we have decided to call it something different.

Actors and musicians have long talked about gigs. When an artist or musician does not a get a gig, he or she will often consider himself out of a job. It could be that we have to be a little bit careful before we go ahead and rebrand the certain aspects within the economy and the financial world of London. One thing is for sure, many of the London escorts that I have spoken to consider themselves being part of the gig economy.

Coming up with new terms is nice but should we not really take a look to see if we have some aspects of our economy that already cover what we are talking about? We are very quick to come up with new fantastic ideas but often they only cost us money. At the moment, a number of so called government quangos are studying the concept of the gig economy. It is probably costing the UK a small fortune when it comes to fees and expenses. I keep on wondering when there is going to be a government quango for London escorts. The girls have been working hard for much longer than Uber drivers and pizza delivery boys, it is not about time that somebody studied them? Let’s get real, nothing is really new. We are just reinventing things all of the time and calling them different names. It is about time we accepted that the world is changing, but do we need to change our entire society to follow?

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