Be careful with your nude pics!

I have this thing about sending sexy pics of myself to my boyfriends and some of the gentlemen I date at London escorts. The photos I send to my regular guys at London escorts are a bit more tame, but I do have this habit of getting a bit racy without thinking about it. It was not so very long ago when one of my raunchy London escorts pics, ended up on the wrong phone.

What do you do when you send a sexy image to the wrong person, and signed it off with love from London escorts? At the moment, I am doing this course in Japanese brush painting on my days off from London escorts. We have this sexy young Japanese guy teaching us, and he loves us to keep in touch. If we have a problem with a home project, he always encourages us to contact him, so I keep his contact details on my phone. Normally, it would be okay, but I am not the best when it comes to texting.

By mistake, I sent this guy one of my sexy images from London escorts. It is not a complete nude photo. Instead it is an image of my cleavage in a sexy uplift bra. By the time I pressed the key, it as all too late and I realised that I had sent the photo to the wrong guy. I was not sure what to do, so I did nothing at all. Thinking that it had not happened may be the best strategy. But I ended up making a big deal out of it when I went out for drinks with my London escorts friends a bit later. They told me not too worry, but I did honestly feel like a real fool.

A couple of days later, I was due for my art class. The photo mistake had started to fade, and I did not spend all day obsessing about it at London escorts. However, as I entered the classroom, it was on the forefront of my mind. A perfect orchid was taking center stage, and I realised that it was going to be our subject for today. The teacher was nowhere to be seen, but as I approached my easel, I noticed that a small canvas had already been placed there but turned back to front. As I turned it around, I noticed a perfect image of my cleavage had been painted in Japanese style. It said to my geisha at London escorts.

It was not long before the teacher entered the room. He bowed to us, and we stood by our easels and bowed to him. This sign of Japanese was the way all our classes started. The teacher explained the subject, and we were soon busy sketching. So far, he not looked at me at all, but I did feel there was a tension in the air. After a while, he came over to me. He started to tell me a story about his mother’s side of the family. It seemed that she was descended from a long line of geishas, and he was proud of it. “You are my first London geisha” he whispered and walked away. I had never felt so good about myself, and from that day on, I became so much more than just another girl at a London escorts service – started to think of myself as a London geisha. Incidentally, I now sometimes wear a kimono and may even bow to my gents.

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