Gatwick escorts vs Thailand escorts


Gatwick escorts vs Thailand escorts may sound like a strange topic but Alan, the Dating Guide’s serial dater, went on holiday to Thailand last year and came back with lots of info for us. To be honest, I don’t think that Gatwick escorts have anything to worry about when it comes to being compared to Thailand girls.


It does sound like Alan had quite a few surprises in Thailand, and Gatwick escorts from may be more, shall we say feminine, than Thailand girls. I am sure that you can’t really compare Gatwick escorts to their counterparts in Thailand.


Well, what can I say, says Alan, dating in Thailand is not only a different experience but it is also unique. It was my first time in Thailand, I have always fancied visiting Thailand but I was in for a real cultural surprise. It is quite a big city and it seems that the entire city is geared towards tourism. It is sell, sell, sell – 24 hours a days and the place never seems to stop.


As a holiday destination it was far to chaotic for me, and I never felt that I got any peace and quiet. I think that I am much more of a Caribbean boy, and I will be taking my holidays there in the future.


After having visited many of Thailand’s tourist attraction, I decided to sample the night life. It was kind of frightening at first as everything seems to be coming at you from everywhere. There are so many clubs and bars that you don’t know where to turn. In the end I decided to check out some of the top clubs, and they were okay.


Proper escorts services don’t really seem to be available. Everything is sort of underground in Thailand, and you just have to meet people in bars. Now, you should be really careful here because not everything is what it seems. There are a lot of bisexual lady boys here, and that doesn’t do anything for me.


On top of that, there seems to be a lot of child prostitution and I do not entertain that at all. It is disgusting and should be banned. It is actually illegal in Thailand but it seems to go on under the noses of the police. They turn a blind eye and to be honest a lot of it probably has to do with bribes and under the table payments.


I did not meet any classy escorts in Thailand, and a lot of the girls were just too young. They seemed like silly little dolls or barbies, and it was just a joke really. Just like I said I would never go on holiday here again, I don’t that I would date in Thailand again. The entire place just isn’t for me, and I found it quite a frightening experience. If, I had a girlfriend with me, I would have worried about talking her out.


Traveling to Thailand is for the selected few, but certainly not for me.


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