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When I first started to date at Pimlico escorts, I noticed that a lot of my gents did not really spend a lot of time paying attention to their partner’s happiness in bed. They seemed more obsessed by their own happiness than anything else, and I am not sure that it does a lot for a relationship. Many of the gents that I dated at Pimlico escorts of seemed to have relationship problems, and they were not focused on their partner’s happiness.


This was really niggling me and I felt that I wanted to do something. When I was not at Pimlico escorts, I used to spend a lot of time on the computer and I had actually put together a couple of websites. They were not brilliant, but they must have been doing the job as I was getting plenty of visitors. Walking home one evening from Pimlico escorts, I came up with the mad idea that I should set up a website and blog about women’s happiness in bed.


It was clear from my experience with Pimlico escorts that it was a bit of a sore subject. I was not the only girl at Pimlico escorts to have had thoughts about the topic, and I decided to chat to some of the girls at the agency. It was fun to gather the thoughts of other women, and together we came up with many ideas for the new website. After a little while gathering information, I was ready to tackle the new project. As a matter of fact, I did not realize what a big project it was going to be.


It took me a few weekends off from Pimlico escorts to set the site up. Writing a huge amount of text is not always easy and I found it rather challenging. One of the girls at Pimlico escorts helped me a bit, and she also provided a lot of images. It was great and I must admit that we had a lot of fun building that website. It was not an overnight project, but by the time we finished, it looked really good.


Since that day, I have launched a lot of other blogs but I am getting more and more visitors to my Better Sex website. It seems to be a very popular topic and both men and women get in touch to talk about problems. It has a huge forum on it, and last month, we were even mentioned in a top magazine in the UK. Of course, nobody knows that the website is run by a couple of Pimlico escorts. It sorts of makes us laugh as a couple of other sites have turned us into sex gurus. We do giggle about the entire thing when we get together and I must admit that I think it is fun being a sex blogger.  i even write fantasies about being an elite affordable prostitute. I never thought that I would go down that route, but I am certainly ideally suited for the task.

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