I am not so sure that all London escorts should wear stilettos.


Okay, so most guys get really turned on by stilettos or fetish boots, but I keep on wondering if some escorts focus too much on shoes. I love shoes and like all women, my big passion is to go shoe and handbag shopping. But there are times when I don’t always wear stilettos at work. If I know that my date is not that tall, I often put on a pair of less high heels, or wear a pair of boots instead. It looks just as good.

The truth is that I am pretty sure that some of my dates are not comfortable when I open the door in a pair of stilettos. I know that most Sexy London escorts think that stilettos are standard as part of the uniform if you like, but I don’t always agree with that at all. If a date is really short, he must feel a bit uncomfortable when he is met by a really tall woman at the door. If this happens, I make sure that my date is quickly sat down on the sofa, so that I can take my shoes off.

Sometimes, when I meet a gent who is a bit shorter, I even make a joke and say that my meet hurts. It is a great opening line, and breaks the ice. When a date is new to London escorts, he can sometimes feel a bit awkward. Making some casual remark like your feet are hurting helps a lot, and there is nothing like a little joke to get things going on a date. But, I do know that most of the girls who work for our agency wear high heels or stilettos all of the time.

I am not really tall, but my legs are okay, so there is no need for me to wear stilettos all of the time. Maybe I could get away with working as a petite, but I don’t feel confident enough to pull of that role. Petite escorts do not always wear stilettos as it does not exactly fit in with their role at the agency. I do think that they are right, and all petite escorts look a lot better in sort of school girls clothes. It would not suit me as I am not really that petite.

But, I do think that more London escorts should be careful, and think about how tall their dates are. Some of the gents that I have met at London escorts, have been really sensitive about their height, and I don’t want to upset them. Recently, I have noticed that I date rather a few short gents, and I keep on wondering if it is because I pay attention to what I wear on my fit. Perhaps I make them feel a bit more comfortable. They are not in a position where they feel they meet a girl who is trying to tower over them.

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