I cannot recall when I was not a bit of glamour puss


I don’t think that I will ever be anything else but a glamour puss if I am honest. A few of the girls that I work with at Elephant Castle escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/elephant-castle-escorts, could probably not be bothered to fuss around like I do, but that is what makes me unique at outcall escorts. I just love looking after my hair, nails and body. Not only that, but I do dress like a real glamour puss as well, and I love that.


Do I blame Barbie? Well, like I say to my regular gents at Elephant Castle escorts. I think that it all started with Barbie. I keep a couple of Barbie dolls at my Elephant Castle escorts boudoir, and they have kind of become symbols for what I am all about. Even though I am 24 years old now, I still look after my Barbie dolls, and my own flat is a little bit like a shrine to Barbie. I love it, and could not live without Barbie. That is why I have turned myself into a glamour puss.


Just like Barbie, I have the perfect blond hair and go to the hairdresser at least once a week. Normally when I start my Friday shift at Elephant Castle escorts, I have spent the morning with the hairdresser and beautician so that I am ready for the weekend. It makes me feel really good and I know my Elephant Castle escorts dates appreciate my efforts. Friday night is normally the busiest night of the week at Elephant Castle escorts, and that is why I like to look my best.


Most of the girls here at Elephant Castle escorts are into sexy lingerie, and I love that, but I do like to look glamorous in other ways. There is nothing like slipping on a nice suit, and a bra which makes your bust stand out among others like I say to the girls. I have a couple of classical channel suits which make me look great, and I do look like the original blond glamour puss from Elephant Castle escorts. So far, I have not had any complaints, and I guess if I did so, I would have to change my looks.


Do gents only date me because I am a glamour puss? I am very close to many of the gents at Elephant Castle escorts who come to see me on a regular basis, and it is clear that not all of them just think of me as a glamour puss. One of the guys told me the other week that he enjoyed the entire concept of me and I love that. I do try to turn myself into a bit of a concept if you like, and I think it is sexy to be called a concept. It means my efforts to be the ultimate Elephant Castle escorts glamour puss are paying off, and it is nice when an invest in yourself, really pays off. I do hope that my pink lipstick pout is just right…

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