Too busy to date more

My boss at Pimlico escorts would like us to date more gents. Recently a couple of girls have left the agency, and now he would like the rest of us to take up the slack as he calls it. There is no way that I am going to be able to that as my dating diary is already full. He would like us to cut down or dates to 45 minutes, but I cannot see my gents going for that at all. To be honest, I think that he is asking for a little too much of us girls.


Pimlico Escorts lovely girls
Pimlico Escorts lovely girls

I have been with Pimlico escorts for about five years now, so it stands to reason that I have a very busy dating diary. The boss says that we could all do more, but that just isn’t possible. Most of the girls here are rather annoyed with him, but I just explain that I cannot take on any more work. If I took on any more work, I would have to let some of my other gents down,and I don’t think that is on at all. They are my gents and I really do like them.


Besides, I am not so sure that the gents who have lost their girls at Pimlico escorts will like any other girls. Dating escorts is after all a very personal experience, and I think that most gents would like to stick to the girls that they already know. After all, the girls must have had a particular dating style that attracted the gents to them in the first place. Changing escorts might even be a rather traumatic experience to some of the gents. If I were in their shoes, I would not want to change my escorts.


A lot of this is our boss at Pimlico escorts fault. He knew that the girls were leaving and he should have done something about it. In secret I think that he is kicking himself a little bit. Escorting is really big business in London, and it is now easy to recruit the best escorts. The boss should have started to recruit process long before the other girls left. He seems to feel sorry for himself, but I don’t feel sorry for him at all.


Some of the other girls here at Pimlico escorts are trying to help out by doing double shifts. To be honest. I don’t think that they are doing themselves any favors. I think that they are going to end up making themselves too tired. There is no way that I am going to start doing double shifts to help out. I have my own gents to look after, and I intend to keep control of my own gents here at Pimlico escorts. After all, they are dating me because they enjoy being with me. I think that the boss needs to do some smart business planning and put his own house in order before he starts to point the finger at us girls.

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