Why do gentlemen prefer blondes

I would not say that all of the gentlemen I date here at cheap London escorts prefer blondes, but I think that the majority of gentlemen who use London escorts services prefer blondes. When I am in London, I do get the chance to date other girls as well, but I know that it is the blond girls at the London escort service that I use who can really rock my world.


If you start to look around the majority of London escorts agencies, you will notice that most of the girls are blondes. Sure, you get some brunettes, exotic babes and Black girls working as escorts in London, but it does matter what you say, there is something about blonde escorts. To me, blond escorts are almost a bit sweeter, and give better sugar than other escorts that I have met in London


Without the shadow of a doubt, blonde London escorts are more fun to be with at the same. In general I think that all blond girls are more fun to be with, and it does not only apply to escorts. If you were to chat up your average blonde in a bar, I am sure that you would find her much much more fun to spend time with on a persona basis. Most blondes that I know giggle a lot more than girls with other hair colors.


I think it is wicked to say that blondes are dumb. None of the blondes that I have met in London have ever been dumb. Lots of gentlemen think that London escorts are a bit dippy, but I don’t think that is true at all. So far, all of the blondes that I have met in London have been really smart, and a bit savvy as well. The brunettes have been okay, but if I am honest, they have not been as much fun to spend time with as blond escorts in London.


Does it matter if it is a fake blonde? I am not sure that it matters to all gentlemen, but I have to admit that it matters to me. I would rather date the real deal as they say in London. American escorts have had a lot of procedures and now come across as really fake. London escorts are not too bad, and the vast majority of escorts in London that I meet when I am in town, are not fake at all. If you are looking for a genuine date, and a hot one, I think that you should check out London escorts and find out what exciting young lady is on duty for you tonight. You are bound to find a companion who fits in with your personal needs, and if that companion happens to be a blonde, I know that you are not going to be disappointed in your personal dating experience in London. You will really enjoy London in a different way than you have done so far, I am sure about that.

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